Cece Winans celebrates new song, releases photo shoot with grandchild

American gospel singer, Cece Winans, has gotten the admiration of her fans after she released a video of her photo session with her grandchild, Rooney. She has also been promoting her latest song, ‘That’s My King' and her upcoming tour.

The celebrity grandma posted a video from the photo shoot with texts of her song, and captioned it on Instagram: “Rooney was the star of the photoshoot! #ThatsMyKing #TMK.”

Her fans were excited to listen to her new song and they gushed over her and her grandchild. They also made nice comments on her post. Check out some of them below:

@jessicaguicheteau32 said:“Rooney you’re too cute and you and your grandmother are two of the most beautiful people with smiles that light up a room.”

@jenniferjjohnson2022: “You're such a beautiful lady that touches so many hearts when you open your mouth and sing. Just look how God has blessed you with your loving little Rooney. He's so handsome.”

@beingbobby_riedel: "That smile lights up the screen!”

@cynthia.dillard.77: “This is so beautiful. I love it. Thank God for you, woman of God. Shout out to you from Birmingham Alabama.”

@anders.d5615: “Great video and adorable. Hey Cece Winans, may God continue to bless your marriage and family.”

@pierre_espoir.bethel: “Love this photo shoot. You all are amazing.”

Cece Winans announces The Goodness Tour
In an earlier post last weekend, the ‘Goodness of God’ crooner announced that 'The Goodness Tour’ will begin in three weeks.

She said, “We are less than one month (now three weeks) away from The Goodness Tour! I’m so excited to share some brand-new songs with you, including ‘That’s My King!’ We are praying and expecting God to do great things for you and in your city!”
She got loads of positive comments on her post. Some of them are below:

@jesusreignseternally said: “You are lifted high. Holy, Holy forever. King of Glory, fill this place. I love you CeCe, God bless you and thank you for everything.”

@mphillipknight: “You are so awesome and every time I see you I know that you live the life that you sing. You have so much integrity. You are the verse in Matthew 5:16 that says, ‘To let your light shine that men may see your good works and may glorify God in heaven'. You make serving God simple and easy. Continue serving and spreading the good news which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless you and your entire family as you win souls for the kingdom.”

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