Nathaniel Bassey gushes after MC gives fake announcement of him at event

(Nathaniel Bassey. Image credit: African Info Guide)

Popular gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey has reacted to a video of an event where the master of ceremony introduced him. The singer wasn’t billed to attend that event and was surprised he was introduced.

After he was tagged to the video, he noted that he was thinking he would show up in his thoughts. He also said that he would love to surprise the family who held the event and were genuinely excited to see him at the surprise announcement from the MC.

The MC said in the video which was posted in the singer’s Instagram page on Monday, January 29, “I want to surprise everyone. Bring out your phones. All the way, we flew him. Let’s welcome Nathaniel Bassey!”

After the disc jockey played the intro of ‘Jesus Iye’, a recent song by the singer, the MC said, “Nathaniel Bassey couldn’t make it. That was the surprise. I was also surprised. Did you guys plan to bring him? Let me now call the artiste we planned to bring.”

Laughter erupted the air as the guests at the event understood it was all a prank by the MC. The “Ebenezer” crooner posted the video of the event with the caption, “Someone tagged me on this. Expensive joke o. May you be pleasantly surprised. 

"Anyway, I shall surprise this family very soon, truly. First time I saw the video, I was even asking, ‘did I attend this event?’ I was expecting to see myself walking in. But I kept wracking my brain like, ‘I was not here naa’.  Who doesn’t love surprises? We all do. Wait for it.”


Fans react to the prank video

Several fans of the gospel singer have reacted to the prank video. See some of their comments below:

@jinduzfoodblog: “Awww. I wish it was really true. The lady in glasses would have fainted in the Holy Ghost.”

@its.giftie: “That MC get luck say I no dey there. He for provide Pastor Nathaniel Bassey by force. I no wan hear say na prank. The DJ even started playing the intro of ‘Jesus Iye’ to set the mood right. Such an expensive joke.”

@the_toyosi: “Did you people plan to bring him? + the DJ. This is how much we love you Pastor Nath. Thank you for being a blessing.”

@uanja_mike: “He said he will call the next artiste that is not a surprise and she will like him. Arrest that MC please.”

@seunbharbs: “A surprise visit to this family will mean a lot to them, I believe. See how expectant they were. I love what I saw in the video.”

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