Don’t be afraid to share God’s word, Sadie Huff encourages young people

(Sadie Huff. Photo credit: @legitsadierob/Instagram)

Author and podcast host Sadie Roberston Huff has begun year 2024 preaching to young people in the United States. She recently held the 2024 Passion Conferences by spurring thousands of teens and young adults in attendance to stay connected to God’s word.

She shared several parts of the conference on her Instagram page, affirming that God is real while sharing the gospel of Jesus. Speaking at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the Atlanta area of the country, Huff said, “Why are you scared to share the most incredible story known to man that would change anyone's life that encountered it?

“This is the greatest gift you could give someone to share this news. You are going to face hard things. I think some people are like, ‘how do I know God is real? God, prove to me that you're real by everything working out in my life. God, if you're real, then I'll get the job. If you're real, I'll meet my spouse. If you're real, then everything will be okay.’

“But it's not when things are good and perfect that proves that God is real. It's normally in the hardships that the evidence of His faithfulness becomes so real to you.”

She noted that a lot of bad things are happening which is scary, but for she and her household, they will serve the Lord.

She continued, “This story will not be lost on my watch. Don't let it be lost on yours. Don't let it be lost on your family. Don't let it be lost on this generation. When everyone turns to other gods, and they are, you know the one true God. Stay steadfast.”

In a series of posts, she stood on the altar preaching about Jesus.She wrote, “Never going to be over last night! God you are good. Thank you Jesus. So much to share but I don’t want to miss a single moment of what God is doing at Passion Conferences 2024!”

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