‘Left Behind’ producer set to release new film

Paul LaLonde, the producer and writer of ‘Left Behind’, a popular Christian movie, is set to release the latest installment of the franchise. According to him, “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” will debut in theatres on January 26, 2023.

Speaking on film, LaLonde said, “This movie is different than the 2014 movie because the objective is different. In 2014, the objective was to try and get the word of prophecy beyond the choir.

“We are back to trying to talk to Christians, trying to wake up Christians, trying to wake up pastors and trying to alert people that we are in the very, very, very last days and I think people are missing that.”

He also noted that the Bible is a tool to reach out to the lost while prophecy is a way to get to people intellectually that may not be ready to be reached spiritually.

He continued, "The current political, social and global climate is creating a perfect storm for an even greater revival of interest in what the Bible says about it all. Nothing you see on the news is surprising if you have the roadmap in your hand."

Furthermore, he said the new film will feature a new set of cast. It will be recalled that the 2014 “Left Behind” featured Nicholas Cage and Chad Murray. The upcoming film will feature Neal McDonough as Nicolae Carpathia, Kevin Sorbo as Rayford Steele, Corbin Bernsen as Steve Plank, and Greg Parrow as Cameron "Buck" Williams.

According to LaLonde, he is certain that the combination of storyline, cast and concentration on prophecy which is evident in this new film is a necessity to fellow Christians presently. He said, “I think it may be our last real opportunity to ride a wave before (end time prophecy) all comes to pass.”

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