I have already dropped my resignation letter – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has revealed that he has already written his resignation letter in case he has health challenges which will hinder him from performing his duties.

The religious leader, who was elected pontiff in 2013, said he wrote his resignation letter in the same period of his election. He made this revelation recently amidst his health challenges and old age.

In an interview with ABC, a Spanish newspaper, Francis said that his letter was given to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who was the then Vatican secretary of state. The pontiff added that he presumes that the prelate currently in that Vatican Number 2 role, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, now has the written instruction.

It will be recalled that 86 year-old Francis had surgery in 2021 to repair a bowel narrowing. Since then, he has been struggling with knee pain which has caused him to be using a wheel chair. In recent times, he has not used more of the wheel chair. He uses a cane to move around instead.

Speaking with ABC on what would happen if he is incapacitated to do his job, Francis said, "In practice there is already a rule. I have already signed my renunciation. I signed it and said: 'If I should become impaired for medical reasons or whatever, here is my resignation. Here you have it.”

In the past, Francis praised his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who stepped down due to old age and inability to perform his duties.

According to reports, Benedict is the first pontiff to resign in 600 years. He is presently living in a monastery on the Vatican's grounds. After Benedict stepped down, Francis took over and he became the first pontiff from South America to occupy the position.

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