Former Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston Tells His side of the Story

The founding pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston has recently come out with a statement to shed light on their (his and wife Bobbie’s) side of the story of the shocking resignation and subsequent termination of him and his wife from the institution they founded and served for 39years of their lives.

“We hope you’re doing well and that you can see God working for you in every circumstance. Bobbie and I have certainly been tested in that this year and hold on to I Thessalonians 5:18 that says in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

It’s been eight months since the events that saw his abrupt departure from pastoring and leading the popular church. With this statement he hopes to bring perspective to their story and experiences.  “I thought it was time, since my abrupt resignation from Hillsong Church to bring some clarification from our perspective to the events surrounding my resignation and much of the current narrative. I’m speaking especially to the congregation of Hillsong Church we love so much.”

I’ll start with my resignation…on March 21st 2022 in unison with Bobbie, I made the hardest decision of my life, and that was to offer my resignation to the Hillsong board after pioneering the church since 1983 and giving 39 years of service. I guess a big part of me hoped that the board knowing the pressure that I was under would reject my offer and continue to fight for me, but that was not to be. We certainly did not want to just abandon the Hillsong congregation as some have suggested. We adore the people of Hillsong church and to be honest, we miss you all terribly. I’ve often said the real goal in Hillsong Church is not the music, the lights and all those external things, but the true goal is the people. We would have loved the opportunity to have said a proper good bye to the congregation of Hillsong Church, sadly till date that opportunity has not been afforded to us. I want to be clear; the media and others incorrectly say I resigned because I breached the Hillsong code of conduct but that’s just not true! I didn’t resign because of my mistakes. I resigned because of the announcements and statements that had been made which Bobbie and I felt made my position untenable. I spelled out my reasons for my resignation in my resignation letter to the Hillsong Church board. Please note I didn’t see the board’s statement on March 18th until after it was made public and sent to Hillsong’s global data base.

In a firm tone and with great emphasis, the Australian pastor emphasized once more that the church board made his position untenable. According to him the board gave enough detail to allow people’s imagination to run wild and draw their own conclusions and their statement did nothing to add his perspective. During the course of his statement Brian made it clear that they were not finished or retired from ministry and that they would be found there whatever that looks like and wherever that is.

In the days ahead, the preacher will have his day in court and answer to allegations that he covered up for his father who had sexually molested children.




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