California church celebrates 'The Voice' runner-up, worship singer, Bodie



Oceans Church in California, United States, has celebrated one of its worship leaders, Bodie Kuljian, aka Bodie, who was a runner-up in this year’s season of the foremost musical competition, ‘The Voice’. The talented singer, who was one of the fan’s favourite on the music show, leads worship between the church’s two campuses.

The 29 year-old became popular after he sang a rendition of Brandon Lake’s “Gratitude”. The church held watch parties at both campuses to celebrate him.

In an interview with Christian Post, the spokesperson of the church said, “That was a really special night to celebrate with him. We are so proud of Bodie, and it was awesome to watch the church fully rally and support him.”

During the competition, Bodie was cheered by his church members. They were not deterred by the fact that their person came second to the winner, Brent Leatherwood.

He said, “Second place ain’t so bad. I am so excited to finally be free and make music and do the things I want to do. You guys are about to see some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever done happen this year.” 

Speaking on the love he has received so far, the singer said, "I am blown away by the love and support you all have shown me through this process. If you loved what I did on the show, just wait until you see and hear what I have planned.”

He also spoke about his struggle with depression and how he has since survived it. Winning the struggle over depression made him to release the song, “Happy Now”.

Bodie said, “I got tired of seeing songs on the radio pop up that kind of romanticize the idea of depression, romanticize the idea of let’s be sad together. I guess I kind of paid more attention after that or noticed the rising rate of suicide in young adults. It just started to anger me in a way that I can’t really explain. I am called to so much more than how I might feel in this moment of pain.”

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