Ukrainian war survivors speak on God’s love

Ukranian war survivors

Some persons who were affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine have spoken about how God’s love and mercy helped them in the past months. These persons have returned to Kherson, Ukraine’s southern city, although they have lost a lot of facilities in the area.

CBN News spoke to some of the affected persons in the region who revealed how they have been coping so far. A resident, Elena Skalskya, said, "Today is the happiest day of my life. I came back home to my dear village.

“Although the Russians destroyed the city's infrastructure, locals cheered as we entered the city. Even with no heat, electricity, or running water, people here are celebrating because they finally have the one thing that matters most – freedom.”

Another resident in the city of Kherson, Snezana and her husband, who is a pastor, were in the United States when they heard that Russia had evaded Ukraine.

Snezana said, "When the war started, we were devastated that our church is here and we are not here. Many people from this area have been away from relatives for about six months. Now that Kherson has been liberated, many people who had been stuck either inside or outside the city are having reunions that are beautiful to see.”

Another Kherson resident, Maria, revealed how life was during the evasion of Russia in Ukraine, adding that their lives were threatened. She said, "If you say that you are for Ukraine, they will just kill you right there on the spot. They could just come without even asking and take away your car and leave, just like that.”

Another survivor said, "It was scary when I would drive, they could just stop you and kill you. If they don't like something, they would just kill you and there were a lot of cases like that." 

In addition, some of the other victims said that the only person that they hoped on was the Lord who help them, and His hand was upon them. They also added that God is good and merciful as they saw many miracles in their time of troubles.

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