The Wickedness of Nigeria’s Leaders Is Unexplainable – Pastor Enenche

The Senior Pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, Dr Paul Enenche, has said that he cannot explain how he feels about the wickedness of the leaders of the nation. He also added that whenever he travels out of the country, he wonders if our leaders are not aware of the development in other countries, so that they can replicate it.

He made this statement during the church’s service on Sunday. Also, he spoke about his recent travels and how Nigeria is way behind in terms of infrastructural facilities.

He said, “By the mercies of God, we have been traveling for a while now, America, United Kingdom, Asia, Singapore, Philippines, just around the world. I have never gotten used to how I feel about the wickedness of the leaders of our nation. Every time I travel anywhere, I feel it afresh.

“When we went to Singapore, I almost felt like crying. Is it possible for something to work like this and our leaders travel and see these things? They travel and go on holidays with their families, go for medical treatments and see these things and even invest there, put millions of dollars there and it doesn’t cross their conscience to make their home like this. I feel it.

“When driving in Houston, come and see roads, flyovers, everything working. I said, ‘what is this?’ You travel, go for meetings, conferences, United Nations meetings and you don’t see anything. I see our people plenty there, my heart is broken. It’s like people who ran away from disaster; they’re plenty”.

The preacher also decried the fact that certain individuals, who have held the nation hostage, are still the ones who are contesting in the forthcoming elections. Also, he revealed that when he got back to Nigeria from his travel, he got a sad news of the kidnap of a man on his wedding day.

Enenche said, “The same criminals are still presenting themselves, the same demon agents. My phone had been working there and there were some text messages that waited until I arrived home. On my way home, inside the aircraft at Frankfurt airport, I got a message which read, ‘please pray for my brother. Today is his wedding and he has been kidnapped’.

“That was what greeted me on arrival yesterday, I don’t know the person but he’s meant to marry yesterday, Saturday, and he’s in the kidnapper’s den on his wedding day. Wedding fixed, cards sent, everything – what a country. The demons that invited the bandits, terrorists and killers are still making themselves available.”

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