‘The Chosen’ Season 3 debuts at No. 3 in theatres

The third season of the popular Christian movie, ‘The Chosen’, was among the top three movies in the theatres over the weekend. The movie trailed ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, which was at the top spot, while ‘The Menu’ was on the second spot.

The Hollywood Reporter described this feat by ‘The Chosen’ as a “rousing success”. The first and second episode of ‘The Chosen: Season 3’ grossed an estimated $8.2million. Meanwhile, ‘Blank Panther: Wakanda Forever’ grossed an estimated $67 million as ‘The Menu’ grossed an estimated $9million.

‘The Chosen’ was produced and directed by Dallas Jenkins and distributed by Fathom. Reacting to the release of the new season, Jenkins said during a Facebook live stream, "It's going to help expand the reach of the show. It's going to get more attention for the show. We are shocking the industry. The success of ‘The Chosen’ will allow it to be back in theatres in the future.

"The theaters and distributors are going to be far more interested in the future, which is really cool for the expansion of the show.”

The series centres on the story of Jesus and his followers. Speaking on the impact of the movie, Jenkins said, “If we can see Jesus through the eyes of those that actually met him, including their struggles, questions, doubts, which we focus a lot on in Season 3, then you can be changed and impacted in the same way that they were.”

The first two seasons can be watched on The Chosen app for free. It can also be viewed on other platforms including Prime Video and Peacock.

It will be recalled that ‘Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers’ also debuted at No. 4 in the theatres in 2021. The movie was distributed by Angel Studios. While speaking about the film, the Chief Executive Officer of Angel Studios, Neal Harmon said, "For the second year in a row, The Chosen is capturing the imagination of moviegoers around the country.

He continued, "After the overwhelming response of Chosen fans – and now Wingfeather Saga fans at a packed theatrical event in Nashville last week – we are seeing that the same audiences who have helped us break streaming records can have similar impact at the box office."

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