Kumuyi advises Christians to stop running to pastors for prayers


The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has advised Christians that they should stop running to pastors for prayers. Rather, they should be self reliant and pray to God by themselves.

He made this statement during the minister’s conference of the church where he preached on the topic, “An Extraordinary Ministration to an Exhausted Minister”. He also said that instead of Christians taking their issues to God, it is now a trend for them to take it to pastors.

He made reference to the Biblical Joshua, Moses and Elijah in the book of Exodus, who find time to hear from God even when they are tired. Hence, God’s people must create time and strength to follow their desires.

Kumuyi said, “The trendy situation where people are shifting personal responsibility of taking their problems to God for a divine solution to their pastors is totally wrong. We are in a pray-for-me generation. A generation that feels they cannot live except somebody does it for them.

“There is a need for personal prayer. Pulpit prayer is good but personal prayer is very necessary. Whatever is happening in your life, engage in personal prayer. We must do less talking to men and talk more to God. Jesus personally approached the father at His point of death. Do not be so busy with the work of the Lord without the Lord of the work.”

The octogenarian also advised that Christians should be more concerned about making direct communication with God. He continued “Just like Moses, we should not be satisfied with the presence of an angel because direct communication with God without an intermediary with an angel is the best for the Ministry.”

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