CAN declares November 4 national prayer day

The Christian Association of Nigeria has said that on Friday, November, 2022, has been declared as a national day of prayer. The purpose is to seek God’s face in the affairs of the nation.

This announcement was made by the apex Christian body in a statement on Wednesday by the Chairman of the National Prayer Day Committee, Archbishop John Daniel. He added that the recent challenges bedeviling the country are a reason to call on God for prayers.

According to CAN, the prayer is for all Christians including politicians, organizations and stakeholders.

Archbishop Daniel said, “We consider this imperative in view of the fact that our nation is passing through very challenging times at the moment, despite its abundant natural, human, and material resources.

“Nigeria is a vibrant and virile land that is full of colour, wealth and all that it would take to be one of the greatest nations on earth. Sadly, the country has not yet reached where it should be at the moment due to some inherent problems.

“Consequently, all christian groups or organisations, stakeholders and christian politicians, especially those vying for offices, are invited to participate in the programme.

“All bloc chairmen, zonal chairmen, states and local chairmen, and all church leaders, are to mobilise their members nationwide for the programme.”

The cleric noted that Christians who want to participate in the national day of prayer on Friday are to converge at the National Christian Centre.

He continued, “Participants are to assemble at the National Christian Centre in Abuja for the prayer retreat by 10:00am prompt on Friday this week.

“We urge all and sundry to join the solemn assembly in order to usher the country into a new era of peace, unity, safety and all-round prosperity.

“May God use the programme to address the spiritual dimensions of the challenges plaguing the nation and frustrate every evil plan against the unity of the people.”

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