Uganda: Christian convert beaten, flogged by Muslims

Musa Wabwire, a father of four, who converted from Islam to Christianity in Uganda, has been beaten by Muslims over his decision. Also, another 52 year-old woman suffered the same faith in another district in the country, Morning Star reports.

According to Wabwire, 38, he did not go to the mosque on September 9 and was praying instead in his home at Bulumba Sub-County, Kaliro District. The assistant at the mosque that was sent to check what he was doing at home saw him listening to a Christian radio program and he recorded him.

Wabwire said, “After hearing it, they all got annoyed and flooded into my home and asked me many questions, which I failed to answer.

“I only told them to take their money box, and that I be left with Christ, who was enough for me. They became so angry and started beating me up while shouting, ‘Kafir, Kafir (infidel)!’”

He was asked to renounce Christ which he refused. This made the Muslims at the mosque to use sticks to flog him with 40 lashes. His older brother, who is an imam in a village nearby, instructed that his crops should be destroyed.

Wabwire’s older brother, an imam in a nearby village, ordered the destruction of his crops and where he resided.

Wabwire said, “My belongings were thrown out in the rain and got all wet. My brothers said that I should not be killed but instead leave the homestead.”

His wife was not at home at the time of the incident as she had gone to visit her sick mother. Presently, his wife and children are in an undisclosed location for security reasons.

Christian persecution is becoming a reoccurring issue in Uganda as there have been a series of reported cases. The Muslims who converted to Christians are often tormented and forced to leave their homes. Consequently, some of them have decided to be secretive about their Christian faith.

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