Agitations won’t stop till there is justice – PFN President

Bishop Oke

The President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Wale Oke, has said that the agitation by a region in the country will not stop until the injustice being mete on them is addressed. He also noted that it is unfair that one particular region in the country chooses to rule while other regions are being sidelined.

While speaking with journalists on Sunday, the cleric, who is also the President, Sword of the Spirit Ministries, asked Nigerians to deliver the country with their votes in the forthcoming elections.

Oke said, “Why must one tribe continue to dominate Nigerian politics? We have had a Hausa -Fulani as President. We had (late Umaru) Yar’ Adua; we have Buhari. Must we have another Hausa-Fulani when an an Igbo man has not become president and we are saying agitation will stop?

“Agitation will never stop. Injustice is the bedrock of the agitation. If you don’t stop injustice, arresting the people won’t stop the agitation. More agitation will come. Why must one tribe dominate Nigeria and see it as a conquered territory?

 “The injustice is too much, corruption is too much, the evil, the violence is too much in the land. Who will deliver Nigeria? That’s the issue and not religious sentiment.

“If you will treat Muslims and Christians as equal and you will not favour one religion over the other, it’s okay by me. We can’t go forward with these issues being unsolved.

“Nigerians should not lose hope, there is a great future ahead of us we must fight for this future. Another opportunity comes in 2023, your future is in your hands. If you sell your vote because of money, you have sold your future and the future of your children from generation to generation.

 "No sentiment, vote your conscience, vote for whoever you know has the capacity to solve the problem of Nigeria irrespective of the tribe. There is hope for the future but we have to fight for it. Use your vote to deliver Nigeria.”

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