Catholic Church lifts ban on Adoration Ministry

Fr. Mbaka

The Enugu Catholic Diocese has directed the re-opening of the Adoration Ministry in Emene, Enugu State, headed by Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka. The ministry is set to re-open on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

It will be recalled that the Catholic Bishop of Enugu had shut down the Ministry following the cleric’s outburst against the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi. Mbaka had described the politician and former Governor of Anambra State as a stingy man. Hence, he will not win the 2023 presidential elections.

His statement caused uproar on social media as many persons berated him for his attack on Obi. This also led to the shutdown of the church he heads.

In a statement announcing the church’s re-opening, Mbaka said, “To the glory of God, Adoration Ministries starts on Sunday, October 2, 2022 with 10am mass. God bless you miraculously as you come joyfully to worship God with us. Fr. Mbaka Ejike Camillus.”

The news was greeted with several comments. A Facebook user, Uche Nnamoko said, “They want to unleash him to come and create confusion. We are wiser.”

Uju Mbadugha wrote, “He should learn to preach the word of God henceforth.” On his part, Obumneme Chidozie commented, “At least he would be mindful of his ministry, not politics.”

Emmanuel Majebi said, “Tomorrow, the Church will be accusing others of highhandedness and violating human rights. Just because their favorite son was criticized, they closed down a whole ministry for months now.”

Zoe Robinson wrote, “Hope he shuts up this time around because the next time he will say anything against Peter Obi, he will be removed from there totally and no more closure this time around.”

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