Tim Godfrey Releases God Turned It Around to Mark Birthday

The Fearless Warrior, Dr. Tim Godfrey has released his newest song. It features Nathaniel Bassey and Tim Bowan, Jr. This song was recorded live at his last Fearless Concert in Lagos, Nigeria. The song description lets us know that the title is sourced from Joseph’s conversation with his brothers in Genesis 50:20a, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…” It also states that the song is a prophetic declaration and affirmation of the many ways God turns the intention of the enemy that could have caused unrecoverable damage around for good.

On his IG page, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey shares a testimony that occurred at the recent Thy Kingdom Come UK where he kept singing the song. “Always knew it was a big song. Few days to Thy Kingdom Come UK, while in the UK with the team this song came back to me. And if you are experienced with receiving spiritual songs update, you’ll understand what I mean. So, when you get a song saying “what the enemy meant for evil God has turned it around for good” you know something is coming. And when you get a song of deliverance, YOU MUST DECLARE AND SING IT until you sense a mark of Victory or release. So, I kept singing this song. “

“The next day, I woke up in the morning and felt like praying in tongues out loud. Did so and Victoria Orenze who was on the lower floor of the apartment joined. I later sent a message to our project coordinator stating that the bathroom felt “weird” - Any way, got in to take a shower - And bang! This same old enemy struck. The shower glass which was not tempered shattered. Next thing I saw was blood everywhere. Long story short, we rushed to the hospital, which explains the plaster I had on my right hand during the event and days after - same hand with which I blow my trumpet! Anyway, HE FAILED ! Because I blew and sang powerfully that day and Jesus was glorified and His kingdom truly came. WHAT THE ENEMY MEANT FOR EVIL, GOD TURNED AROUND FOR GOOD.”

The words are very catchy and a continuous repetition so it’s a super easy song. Not only that, it is scripture and we know how powerful God’s word is! Do not be selfish and share after you’ve listened over and over again.

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