Snatcha and Nikki Talk About the Importance of Sex in a Relationship

Nikki Laoye and Snatcha are back with a new series on their popular podcast. This series was inspired by their new single I DO. They decided it was critical to discuss different topics in the relationship journey people undertake prior to marriage.

We’re back with a series inspired by our recently released love single, “I Do” as we discuss major topics and issues couples face before and after they say “I DO” based on our personal truths and experiences as we walk down this path of a lifetime.

The first installment was all about the things that can make or break a relationship. THE DEAL BREAKERS – the very important issues which a couple needs to deal with and look into deeply before walking down the aisle. Deal Breakers cannot be ignored and they would determine if a couple should get married or even the survival of an existing marriage.

The second episode is about sex and if you know the duo they dished on this no holds barred. Some of the things they touched on included but was not limited to; doing it well, doing it right…just doing it! They acknowledged that people grew up not having talked about sex.  This is a problem in itself and part of why some people have sexual problems in marriages

Nikki connected many dots with her insightful comments, “Sex starts with you. Before you can bring anyone else into the picture, your mentality, ideology etc all come into play when sex is introduced. These can either make or mar your experience. For instance, if your orientation is that sex is only for reproduction, a dirty nasty thing, not to be enjoyed etc it affects the other person and the marriage as a whole.”

As the discussion progressed the reproductive organs were introduced, the couple noted that for some people saying the word vagina and penis is tantamount to a swear word and not to be mentioned aloud.  Some women don’t know what their vagina even looks like! An understanding of one’s body and being comfortable in it is important as it relates to sexual intercourse and intimacy.

Snatcha reminded viewers, “Physical attraction is highly important and the key foundation in a relationship.” Jumping on Nikki agreed on the importance of the couple being attracted to each other. Both agreed on other factors that also affect a couple’s sex life; how you treat each other, personal self-care i.e., hygiene, misunderstandings and how being deliberate in stoking the fire is fundamental.

With their fresh delivery and unique perspectives, The Snatchas have once again served wholesome content to their audience.



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