Hillsong Church to Make Changes amid Misappropriation Allegations


The interim senior global pastor of the Hillsong Church, Phil Dooley, has said that there are plans to change the organizational structure of the church.

This change became necessary after there were fresh allegations against the former global senior pastor, Brian Houston. 

The allegation was made by a suspended worker of the church who accused Houston of receiving large gifts from the church. In addition, the worker revealed that the mega church misappropriated funds.

Dooley said that there will be a meeting on Tuesday, August 23, where an update on the happenings in the church will be relayed. Besides, there is a lawsuit against the church’s finances.

Dooley said, "While I would like to provide you with more specific details, I cannot do so unfortunately. This is because while the claims can be publicized, it is inappropriate to respond or comment publicly because the matter is before the court.

“However, I can assure you that my heart, and the desire of our leadership, is to deal with this matter as we approach any other issue — with humility, love, and prayer.

"While I have been advised that during the court process we will defend these claims, I also acknowledge that there are many things we must do — and are already doing — differently to how we have operated in the past.

"This is a new day for Hillsong, and we are today a different church to what we were even a year ago. When issues like this arise, our first response must be to look to the Holy Spirit and be led by Him."

It will be recalled that earlier this month in Australia, ABC News reported that a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Hillsong employee, Natalie Moses, as part of a Fair Work Act case against the church.

Since March, the church is being investigated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission to confirm if the organization has obeyed the Australian regulations binding the operation of charities.

The meeting with Dooley on Tuesday will give more details about the case.

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