Suzanne Hinn Talks to Tomi Arayomi About Demons, Deliverance and Intercession

A third-generation preacher’s kid and pastor, Suzanne Hinn is a pastor, deliverance minister and intercessor. She has been married to Pastor Benny Hinn for a few decades and is committed to raising sons and daughters that will pray for America and an army that will cover the earth with the presence and glory of the Lord.

In his opening remarks Tomi confessed about what being able to interview Pastor Suzanne meant. “I’m almost blushing with excitement because I’m meeting one of my heroes. I mean that with all sincerity, what you and Pastor Benny have pioneered around the globe is something that today I don’t know if many of my generation know that they’re really riding on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. I so appreciate and value you. I value Pastor Benny. For all of the work you’ve been doing and continue to do around the globe.”  

The conversation was vast and centred around the importance of deliverance today and what it really means since quite a number of issues are classed as mental issues. Apostle Tomi had this to say with regards to casting out devils like bible days, “Especially since we don’t cast out devils as much, we kind of have counselling sessions.” Some of the questions raised in the course of the interview included. Is this area of ministry antiquated and better left in the past? Is spiritual warfare done and dusted or is it still for today? How do we reengage an army of people disenfranchised with this aspect of spiritual warfare?

Pastor Suzanne gave a glimpse of her heritage in deliverance and how God called her mother to that ministry. Her parents were new to it and back in 1971 they submitted themselves to Dr Derek and Lydia Prince. She mentioned how Dr Derek Prince had six tapes where he taught on deliverance, open doors and also how to keep your deliverance. Pastor Hinn touched on the fact that people that want deliverance now don’t understand that demons don’t mind leaving especially where there’s an open door and they can come back and the person is far worse off. So back then they had to be ready to do the work of listening to those messages before the deliverance session.

She was very clear on the importance of the deliverance ministry and the relevance it plays in church and with Christians. “I think it’s a lost art, but it’s definitely coming back and is needed in the end days, in the churches and the body of Christ. Because if people are not set free from their bondages, sins and lifestyle of sin and compromise it can actually keep them from the kingdom of God.”

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