Strained knee: Pope considers slowing down activities

On Saturday, Pope Francis admitted that he would slow down some of his activities because his strained knee ligaments is limiting his travels. He has been in a weeklong pilgrimage in Canada which made affirm that he needs to relax a bit and possibly retire.

The 85-year-old said that he has not considered resigning yet but there is nothing wrong if he embraces the decision. However, he would slow down his activities.

He had to use the wheel chair during a recent interview with the media. He said, "It's not strange. It's not a catastrophe. You can change the pope.

"I think at my age and with these limitations, I have to save (my energy) to be able to serve the church, or on the contrary, think about the possibility of stepping aside."

In addition, he answered questions concerning the future of his pontificate. This issue was raised because during his trip, he was using a wheelchair, cane, and walker to move around. Also, he didn't have the opportunity to mingle with the crowd.

Earlier this year, he strained his right knee ligaments which made him require a continuing laser and magnetic therapy which compelled him to cancel a trip that was planned for the first week ofJuly in Africa.

The Canadian trip was stressful for him due to the restrictions of his movement on wheelchair. Nevertheless, Francis noted that he does not consider undergoing surgery as the solution to his knee issues because there are still traces from the effects of having undergone more than six hours of anesthesia in July 2021 to remove 33 centimeters (13 inches) of his large intestine.

He said, 'I'll try to continue to do the trips and be close to people because I think it's a way of servicing, being close. But more than this, I can't say."

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