Canadian Pastor Wins Appeal Against Alberta Health Services

Pastor Arthur Pawlowski and his brother David have won their legal battle in the Canadian courts of appeal in Alberta. The court set aside the speech provisions and contempt findings against the pair. In June 2021 the founder of the Street Church were convicted of contempt against the court and breaking COVID-19 rules. This was in clear violation of the enforcements injunction that had been given to Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Arthur was sentenced to three days in jail and made to pay a fine of $ 20,000 (CAD).  David also spent three days in jail and paid a $10,000 (CAD) fine. In addition, they had to pay AHS the sum of $15,733.50 for costs incurred. The ruling by the Appeal court means that their fines will be reimbursed and the AHS ordered to return the sum previously awarded to it.

Pawloski is a Polish immigrant that has been outspoken against the Trudeau led government. He has likened the Liberty Party to communists with the opressice powers it has wielded during the pandemic. “I really believe that we are living behind the iron curtain in Canada right now. It’s a repetition of history.” An advocate on the Canadian rights to mobility and free speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms both of which he has been denied in the past despite being a Canadian citizen.

In a similar ruling Christopher Scott owner of the Whistle Stop CafĂ© was also sentenced to a three-day jail term, a fine of 20,000 (CAD), placed on eighteen months’ probation and paid AHS $10,922.25 to cover costs. In his appeal against the sanctions, Scott claimed them as ‘excessive and disproportionate’. In partial clemency, the court reduced the fine to $10,000 and for him to make monthly $500 to offset it. His probation was also reduced to eight months, the length which is now over.

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