Vote for a Principled Person – Nathaniel Bassey advises Nigerians

Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey, has advised Nigerians to vote for a person with principles and vision in the forthcoming elections in 2023. He made this statement on his Instagram page on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, a day after he trended the name “Jesus” across the country.

Bassey wrote, “Shalom friends. Now that we know the major flag bearers, it is time to go to work. And for me it is the PVC project! Pray, Vote and Count. Why pray? If you are a true believer in Christ Jesus, then you won’t have any issues with prayer. Oftentimes in the public space many believers try to apologize for speaking about prayer because they fear what the woke camp would say. Hence, they become very diplomatically correct, trying to please everyone, looking cool and blending in, not knowing they deny the very faith they claim to profess. What a pity!

“When did Jesus call us to be loved and accepted by the world? When did He call us to seek the world’s approval and endorsement? Yesterday, while JESUS trended in a most supernatural way, some imported and juxtaposed the PVC narrative, as though Jesus had something against your PVCs and voting.

“The same Jesus that said we should give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar? Well, we know it was not a case of us downplaying PVCs. It was just pure hatred for Jesus and the discomfort they have with Him.

“So we pray! At all times, for and about everything. Elections inclusive. Too many scriptures to quote but not enough room to share. Nehemiah prayed before embarking on the project. Even more so do we need to pray as we build a new Nigeria. Then, we vote. Vote what? Vote values, vote principles. Vote vision. It doesn’t matter if you think it won’t matter in the end. You just be a person of principle and refuse to join the band-wagon.”

The singer added that the masses should ensure that their votes count. He continued, “Then we ensure and insist that our votes are counted and they indeed count. This is not just some social media stunt. We have been preparing our people for this, even before now. And even partnered with an amazing organization @wevoteofficial, doing some good work sensitizing the public

“Finally, my main point is to play our part and let God play His. As a person of faith, that’s how we live. So, let us rise and do the needful, and trust that God will bless our effort. And before I forget, Jesus Is Lord!”

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