Pastor Keion & Shaunie Henderson Talk Marriage

Keion Henderson and Shaunie O’Neal walked down the aisle on May 28th 2022 after a two-year courtship. The intimate wedding took place on the beautiful island of Anguilla with close family and friends. Their union has created a larger blended family since both have children from their previous relationships.

Recently they sat down and talked about their relationship journey and some of the things they learned, changed and had to overcome. They were both vocal and open in what they shared. Shaunie also pointed out that they both constantly worked on their relationship and would continue to do so, because that was how they would make a success of their life together.

Shaunie divulged what happened the day she actually heard herself telling Keion somethings she would tolerate. “Be aware that the walls are there, I didn’t realise the walls were there until I began telling him what I would not tolerate in a relationship. I was giving it all these limitations and fears. It was then I realized I had all these walls, and these couldn’t be positive for going into a happy relationship.”  She was emphatic that the entire process starts at awareness of baggage per se or the walls the person might have.

In order for a relationship to work Mrs Henderson pointed out that you must be willing to recognise it’s a problem you need to fix  or work on, that it’s not ok. Another area is that you must also be ready to do something about it. For her she also confessed that you often won’t recognize what your challenge is until you’re challenged. “Until the bear is poked you don’t know if the work you put in has worked.

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Pastor Keion’s definition of marriage is simple and short. “Marriage is a collision of histories.” This short description is quite telling as it acknowledges the experiences both parties bring to the relationship. He went on to also state. “You must recognize that everything you will or will not achieve in life, will be a result of the position of your heart at the time of the opportunity. When your heart is in the right place, you’ll be amazed at what God can do with someone who feels inadequate. Because I don’t always feel like I’m good enough to what He’s called me to do. I don’t always feel like I have the skills He’s asking me to do but I know what I’m going to bring to the table every time. A heart willing to be purified and made right by Him.

The couple decided to speak frankly in the hope that it would help others who maybe in the same situation know that a new start is possible despite broken relationships and what people might consider as baggage. We end with Pastor Keion’s parting thoughts. “I think your life is a sum total of your yeses and nos. That if you would have said no where you would have said yes and no where you said yes we would all be somewhere different. I hope this helps people to say yes in the right places. And no in the wrong.”


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