Lauren Diagle encourages Christians to answer God’s call

Lauren Diagle

Award-winning gospel singer, Lauren Diagle, has advised Christians to answer God’s call when He calls them. She made this statement in an interview with The Christian Post. She said, “Just be who God has called you to be. God has empowered young believers to be more than enough for this generation.

“I think God is so amazing that in every generation, He gives the talents, the gifts, and exactly what they need. I just want the young people to be who they are, and take all the limits off. God will take them further than what they could ever imagine.”

She added that each person has been wired creatively and God chooses whom to appoint for great works.

She continued, “And it's when God decides to say, ‘This is the one I have appointed. This is the one I'm calling out. Let's go, come on. This is how we get the people ready for what's to come.’ He sends the ones that are uniquely available, I think.

“If you feel like God is calling you to do this or that, He has touched your life in some sort of way. Ask Him to open doors and see the places that He'll take you.”

Matthew West

Also, Christian singer and host of the K-Love Fan Awards, Matthew West, also spoke about the hope for Christian music and believers in this generation. He also advised that upcoming artists should embrace humility in their careers.

He said, “Stay humble and stay focused on the lane that God has put you in, and you’re going to have a major impact on society and culture.

“I hope I have been a positive role model for other young artists who come in. And I would say that the biggest encouragement I can give is to always put God first in your life. And don't worry about comparing yourself to others.”

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