Greatman Takit Drops Leave Am (Official Viral Video)

You’ve got to love an artiste audacious enough to say a song isn’t just a song that it’s a movement. Not only that he goes on to give a title that it so much more to said song. Leave Am (Official Viral Video) is the caption for the latest from Greatman Takit. This single features Prinx Emmanuel, Angeloh and Kng James. The beat, rap and hooks contained can only be appreciated.

A lover of words and their use there were many lines that caught my attention...”I serve a lamb that is leo. Then spread the Gospel like cancer.” These clever lines are delivered with great aplomb. Many more litter the entire song and the two minutes forty seconds video is over before you’ve even finished actually hearing what is being said.

Here are a few comments that captured its essence.

Rume Eburu – as I come YouTube I see your video. PLAY AM!!

Gideon Yeboah – This is an absolute jam! Wait…were you trying to speak Twi when you said ‘me ja wasi’? Still mastering the lyrics…God no dey like flesh…Kill am! Thank you Greatman for this!

Sammy star – omo my generation cannot perish, this gave me hope again!

Ayodeji Glory – omo!!!!!just omo!!! I don watch this video like 1million times…Jam of the year!!!!!! No freaking Cap!!!!!

Anselm Ekere – Gospel on Bars!!!!


Leave am

All praise to the lord

Give am

God no dey like the flesh

Kill am

I dey bring my cup

Fill am. Fill am

All your sorrows give am

Why? Let’s review am

God showed you his love

And used his son reveal am

When they hung him up on that cross

Your price was paid

Now the father calls you his son and used his spirit seal am

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