Folabi Nuel Releases New Song More Than Enough

Folabi Nuel has done it yet again! The young minstrel has released his latest song More Than Enough. This was recorded live at a recent worship experience. His hashtag of #makingJesusfamous must be a major driver in the songs he writes, records and shares with everyone. This new offering comes with deceptively simple lyrics like Calvar, Glory, Omema, Yoruba medley etc.

One thing all these songs do is to remind listeners of who God is, what He has to say about us, our lives and the reason for Jesus. Furthermore, the beats set hearers ready to move and dance as they belt out the lines in praise to the Almighty.

Here are some reactions from fans.

Stringsvibrate, “Finally this powerful song is out! Heard Folabi Nuel sing it in Zambia when he came and ever since it has been our anthem! Thank you Folabi Nuel for this.”

Becky Larry-Izamoje exclaimed, “What a song. Thank you Folabi! You are a blessing and this song is an anthem! JESUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Gabriel Omotoso stated simply, “Soul lifting, life comforting. Thank you sir. Greater grace sir.”

Mapoma Sichona declared emphatically, “God is always more than enough. This is my testimony this year, God has taken away my shame. Hallelujah! What a powerful song. To God be the glory.

Orojobi Oluwatobi was simply thankful, “Thanks for being a blessing.”



You have taken away my shame

Taken away my pain

Wonder working God you are


Oh oh oh

I will love you forever

Oh oh oh

I will lover you forever

Oh oh oh

I will love you forever

Oh oh oh


You’re more than enough


You’re more than enough (repeat)

You’re more than enough for me (repeat)


Do listen and share this powerful song with friends, family and others in your network.

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