Tiphani Montgomery Hosts Covered by God Nigeria

Tiphani Montgomery is back in Nigeria and this time she’ll be hosting her signature event, Covered by God, in Lagos! This event has travelled all over the United States and each one has a unique testimony. Her first trip to Nigeria was in 2020. The circumstances through which God told her and confirmed the trip involved license plates…yes you read that right.

But just for a second, imagine God showing you over 200 license plates with the word “FLY” in it. With more frustration than instruction, you say “ok,” to the assignment, but still not sure where you’re suppose to be “FLYING” to. Imagine God telling you randomly one day that it was time to “FLY” to Nigeria and a few days before your trip, you watch unarmed people being brutally attacked and killed at the Lekki toll gate and now all of your friends are trying to change your mind about going.”

With the #EndSARS media blitz Prophet Tiphani prayed to confirm whether it was really God, she prayed again…and again. Ten minutes after asking if it is really His will, she sees two license plates that say fly and in his will. At this point in time, she doesn’t need anything else and jumps on a plane bound for Nigeria in October 2020. She’s very blunt on the reason too, “More scared of disobeying God than being hurt by people.” This is her fifth time in a country that she would never have dreamt to come in her wildest dreams. To top it all she’s hosting the Lagos event because of the urgency the Lord emphasized.

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