South Carolina bans biological males from girls' sports

Governor Henry McMaster

South Carolina governor, Henry McMaster, has signed a law which restricts biological males from participating in girls’ sports. The bill, which is known as House Bill 4608 or the Save Women’s Sports Act, was signed into law on Monday. This makes South Carolina the 16th state to make this decision.

The governor posted on his Facebook page saying, “The Save Women’s Sports Act is now the law of the land in South Carolina. We have to do everything we can to protect the young men and women in our state who choose to pursue athletic competition, and that's why I proudly signed this bill into law. It is common sense, boys should play boys sports and girls should play girls sports.”

Terry Schilling, president of the conservative American Principles Project, praised the decision of the governor and the lawmakers in the state.

Schilling said, “Male athletes do not belong in our daughters' sports, period. Biology matters, and no amount of gaslighting by woke ideologues will change that.

"With 16 states now having taken this step, there is no excuse left for those states that haven't, particularly those led by Republicans."

However, the progressive coalition, South Carolina United for Justice and Equality rejected the law. According to the leader of the coalition, Ivy Hill, the legislation causes damage to young people in the state. Besides, they will not stop fighting for trans and queer young people.

Hill said, "Transgender youth are not a threat to fairness in sports, and this law now needlessly stigmatizes young people who are simply trying to navigate their adolescence, make friends, and build skills like teamwork and leadership, winning and losing.

"Despite this setback, we will never stop fighting on behalf of trans and queer young people, and our coalition will explore every strategy possible to surmount every barrier to equality."

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