New Music - Found the One by Mayo

The pressure on a woman or man of a certain age is tremendous, especially with regards to marriage or being in a serious relationship that is obviously tending to that end. With this undue pressure that society, (starting in the family) places on individuals many have entered relationships that they would otherwise should not have. The ability to weather this and remain balanced is one that many face.

In her new song Mayo Matesun talks about the relationship that really matters and how she wrote the song. “I wrote this song a few years ago after failed relationships (thinking Lord I’m so tired of this - when will the right one come??!) but found soo much succour in having the Lord as a friend, enjoying His presence every day and knowing that His hand was there comforting me and leading me and preparing me for every good thing.” The scripture reference on the YouTube video for the song is found in john 1:15 ‘…he announced to the people, “He’s the One! Set your hearts on him! I told you he would come…’ (TPT)


Some people wanna say

Why you wan go all the way

 Wondering why I go choose You

But they don’t realize that You’re the reason I’m alive

 You alone satisfy the longing I had in my life

For someone who’ll hold things up

When all else goes away

And I know You’re the only One

So I’ll never search again


I have found the One

I’m not looking

 I’m not searching

No more

 I have found the One

I no dey look

 I no dey search

 No more


You’re the One that keeps me going on

You’re the One to whom my life belongs

You are the One that I will depend on (Nakupenda)

You’re the One I think of all day long

And I found a love more real than earth, the sky or seas

And I know you’re the only One

I’m with you eternally

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