FFA Talks About Sex with Funmi Akingbade

Navigate with FFA finally treated the ‘forbidden’ topic of sex in the latest episode. Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo and guest Funmi Akingbade dished on different aspects of sex and the role it plays in marriage. Funmi Akingbade set the ball rolling with a strong and telling statement, “Sex is what everybody does and nobody wants to talk about!” she also reminded the audience that sex was God’s idea, furthermore that He was the one that put the sexual instinct and drive in everybody. “He wasn’t under anesthesia when he put the sexual instinct in us. He wasn’t under duress. He knew what he was doing.”

FFA shared on how she was soundly insulted when she spoke about sex in one of her sermons. As a counsellor she knows that this is one area in which many face challenges. “My ears are full from counselling.” The sex therapist also raised questions that should give those that condemn why the duo would broach the topic. Why is it that it’s only sexual stuff that sells in the market? Why is it that it’s only sexual stuff that reigns in the media? Why is it that it’s only sexual talk that people are interested in?

This topic was not exhaustively treated, but it was addressed with facts, humour and downright brutal honesty that some might think brash at times. One thing is certain that sex is here to stay and for marriages to thrive must be practiced in such a way that both husband and wife are satisfied. We must remember that there is no substitute for sex, the sex drive and instinct in wedlock.

Just like we crave for water, air and food we also crave for sex.

Sex actually emits from God because the sexual instinct in us is God made.

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed by both husband and wife.

It’s called lovemaking for a reason, so make love…start by talking.

For men new to the game, they should take note that it’s maximum feminine satisfaction.

Women new to the game, should also note that it’s maximum masculine cooperation

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