This Craving is David Nkennor's Newest Song

This Craving is the latest release from David Nkennor and he described it as follows. A simple song of worship that captures the heart of a true worshipper. All that the world seeks for in things can only be found in Christ Jesus. Without Him, man is nothing but a wretched soul. We hope that you get the message from this song. God bless you!

The dictionary defines craving as, great or eager desire; yearning and the music video shows various things that we try to use to satisfy that hunger we all have. David’s clear winsome voice sings the easy soulful lyrics that paint a clear picture of how best to fill this void.

This song is out on streaming platforms, so do listen, share and share again!

 Song Lyrics

There’s no other God we know

That is like you Lord

There’s no greater sacrifice

Than what you did

We cannot be justified

By anything we do

By your blood you paid the price

We never could


I want to

Drink from you

I know that

I know that I need you God

This craving

Is for you

My lover, my Father

I want to

Drink from you

I know that

I need you yes


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