Steve Harvey tells 'Family Feud' audience to use their God-given gift

Steve Harvey

American television personality, Steve Harvey, has adviced his audience on “Family Feud” game show to utilize their God-given gift. Besides, he said that they should be careful about what they are passionate about and what they are talented in. He also gave an illustration of one of his friends whom he simply called "Clipper".

Harvey said, “The key is to locate your gift. It’s not your talent. Your talent has nothing to do with it. Be very careful with what you're talented in and passionate about. They sound like the same thing. What you are gifted at is your quest."

The 65-year-old comedian also emphasized on various examples of gifts. He said, “Every living soul God created at birth, He gave all of you a gift. All of you in this room are gifted. All of you are gifted.

“Teaching is a gift. Networking is a gift. Working with your hands is a gift. Being a caregiver is a gift. Babysitting is a gift; some people are just really good at it. All of this turns into something.”

While buttressing his explanation, Harvey spoke about one of his childhood friends, Clipper. He continued, "Clipper spent all his spare time cutting grass. Nowadays, Harvey’s 62-year-old friend owns an incredibly successful landscaping business in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing in $4 million a year.

“You know what Clipper do? Clipper cut grass. He don’t do nothing but cut grass. He found his gift and he was gifted at it. His gift has made room for him.”

Harvey further adviced that whatever his audience has found worthy to do, they should do it because it may lead them to their successes. He noted that they should utilize their gifts just like his friend, "Clipper" did. He said, “Discover your gift, change your life. That’s the secret."

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