Sid Roth Fights Back Against Disney’s Agenda For Children

The leaked video of Disney management and its agenda with regards to children has provoked many reactions. One such reaction is from Sid Roth and he recently shared why he has chosen to do something about it. “Now in recent years I’ve started seeing New Age slipping into most of the Disney presentations. And then one day my youngest grand-daughter came home from school and asked my daughter, “Mummy am I a boy or am I a girl?” Her mother asked her why she asked the question. She told her, “Because my teacher in first grade asked me if I was a boy or a girl.”

I got angry I have to tell you; it was a righteous anger. It was a holy anger! And I applaud the courage of governor Ron DeSantis because of his coming against what they’re doing in our schools right now. He’s saying you can’t teach explicit sexual information about the perverseness of the world. It’s so awful because you plant a seed in these young impressionable minds and if they dwell on that seed long enough it will grow. And an unclean spirit will attach to that young person. And they will think that’s the way they were born. But God said no, I made them male and female! And they should reproduce, it’s against every principle in the Bible.”

In response, Sid and his team started developing an animated Bible series titled Supernatural Sid. The series will teach children how to have an intimate experiential knowledge of God. They will not only learn to explore the greatest life-changing stories in the Bible, but they will understand how to walk in the supernatural of God and operate in the gifts of the Spirit to win every battle they face! There’s a world-class team of writers, illustrators and animators that rival the best in secular television and social media working on Supernatural Sid! He’s convinced that through this series, millions of children worldwide will be born again and filled with the awesome power of God!

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