Leke Adeboye Apologizes for Calling a Pastor “Goat”

Leke Adeboye

Leke Adeboye, son and senior personal assistant to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has apologized after he described a pastor of the church as “goat”.
Leke wrote on his social media page earlier in the week: “Why would you go and preach another sermon after Daddy GO has just finished speaking and preaching. You are not a son, you are a goat sir. Next Thanksgiving service, just do altar call, then Thanksgiving.”

His statement caused outrage on social media as many people criticized him and called him to order. However, he recently made a post apologizing for his action.
Leke wrote, “My sincere apology. I wish to use this medium to tender my unreserved apologies on the statement made from my social media handle about some of our esteemed pastors. The disciplinary measures taken by the mission is well received and this period will be used to reflect and introspect.
“I wish to crave your indulgence to please forgive my extreme statement which I wish to emphasize was absolutely not intended to insult or malign.
“I also wish to apologize profusely to the entire leadership and pastors of our beloved church who might have been hurt by this statement. I remain humbly yours in God’s love and mercies. Leke Adeboye.”

Similarly, his apology has generated numerous comments so far.
John Ogunlela commented, “Better. We can now leave those that are perfect among us to continue hammering him.”

Prince Leo Ozomma wrote, “I like your bowing down to good reasoning by apologizing because you really went overboard. Now that it is over, somebody will tell those other pastors to operate within the confines of church’s provisions. Another repetition of such action will mean that they are what they were called.”

Bernard Bayo commented, “I’m a member of RCCG. We respect Pastor Adeboye dearly. I really think he should learn from the humility of the man of God. He can’t continue to make costly mistake at the expense of the well deserved reputation of the church.”

Moses Udoka wrote, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Not to question the sincerity of your apologies but as you have made it without reservations, those seemed offended should accept them in good faith. To air is human but to forgive is divine.”

Tony Danson said, “Apologies accepted but stop looking at those pastors as workers of your father’s company because the Church is not a private business. The Church belongs to God and all the pastors are workers of God’s vineyard. If they are not doing the right thing, yours is to pray for them and leave them for the owner of the work, God almighty, to do the rest.”

Evans Ufeli commented, “’The statement made from my social media handle,’ should read, ‘the statement made by me on my social media handle.’ This boy hasn’t repented.”

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