Christian author, Jemar Tisby, chides U.S College for describing his invitation as a "mistake"

Jemar Tisby

Christian author and president of The Witness, a multimedia platform about race, religion, politics and culture, Jemar Tisby, has chided administrators of Grove City College (GCC) Pennsylvania, for describing their decision to allow him to speak in the school’s chapel about race in 2020 “a mistake.”

The Christian Post reported that the author said that the students enjoyed his speech and applauded him then. Hence, he is surprised that the leadership of the school would make such a statement now. He added that the school was apparently yielding to the pressure from parents who were not comfortable with his stand on racism.

Meanwhile, the school released a 23-page report recently, refuting claims in some quarters that the Christian liberal arts college is drifting from its mission. The claims were included in a petition written by former students and a group of parents who accused the school of promoting critical race theory.

The report by the school read, “Grove City College has not changed. It remains a Christ-centered, conservative institution. GCC’s Board and president are firmly committed to its historic vision, mission, values, and character."

It also emphasized that the Jemar Tisby the school invited in 2019 is not the same person they now read about. 

The report continued, “Most of those in GCC leadership with whom we spoke observed that ‘the Jemar Tisby that we thought we invited in 2019 is not the Jemar Tisby that we heard in 2020 or that we now read about.’ They allow that, in hindsight, inviting Mr. Tisby to speak in chapel was a mistake.

“And they say that in the future, such speakers should be treated as one of the many guest lecturers that visit campus to teach a class or speak in a lecture hall. Inviting anyone to speak in chapel appears to place the College’s stamp of approval on the speaker’s message.”

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