Russian Invasion: Christians in Ukraine Hopeful amidst Crisis

A church in Ukraine

Amidst the crisis in Ukraine, Christians are still gathering and standing strong, CBN News reports. Several pastors have also spoken up as many people have fled their homes in search of safety.

Pastor Andrei Martinov of Grace Generation Church, Ukraine, said, "We received a revelation from God that we are to pray, and the more the church is praying, it destroys the enemy and destructs their ability to shoot at Ukrainian territories, civilian targets, and our Ukrainian military. Ukraine will not be conquered by Russia, with God's help, Ukraine will overcome Russia.”

He added that they are communicating with the Ukrainian army regularly. He continued, "Of course, we are in regular communication with the Ukrainian military, and if there's any immediate danger, we will inform our people. But we are the church, we stay here, we do not run from war."

Furthermore, Pastor Andrei said he believes the war will result to a spiritual breakthrough in Russia, leading to greater religious freedom.

He said, "The word of Jesus Christ will be freely preached in Russia, I firmly believe this, and that time will come. Mark my word, you'll see it."

So far, churches have sent relief materials to the displaced persons in Ukraine. One of the volunteers, Natalie Novikova, has been consistent with rendering help to those in need.

Novikova said, "Even though we hear the explosions, and sometimes they are very close, we just continue doing our ministry to help those who are in deeper need than we are- and that's why I'm not scared at all." 

Another preacher, Oleg Bogomaz, encouraged Christians to remain steadfast and pray for Ukraine and Russia. He added that his prayer is for God to save Russia, the same way He saved Nineveh.

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