Polish Baptists Relief Groups Assist Ukrainian Refugees

Baptists relief groups distributing items

In the midst of the crisis in Ukraine, the Baptist Union of Poland has provided help to the displaced persons in the nation. President and vice president of the Baptist Union of Poland, Marek Glodek and Mateuz Wichary, who work at the seminary, have assisted in welcoming people from Ukraine to Polish Baptist churches and the seminary.

While speaking about the current situation, Wichary said,  “God has placed Ukrainians in our churches over the past 10 years, and they are instrumental in this effort. When the fleeing Ukrainians arrive in our churches and can talk with, relate to and begin to process what happened with people who know their language, culture and customs, it helps them switch from fear toward comfort.”

Texas Baptist Men (TBM), a Dallas-based nonprofit disaster relief ministry is also supporting victims of the crisis. It is assisting four shelters in churches in Ukraine and Poland through funding.

TBM executive director and CEO, Mickey Lenamon said,

“The eyes of the world are on Ukraine. In the middle of everything that’s going on, Baptists from around the globe have come together to meet needs and share the love of Christ to people during their most difficult days.

“We are honored to be part of that. The Polish are incredible. Their faith is inspiring. They serve around the clock and never seem to tire. God is truly working through Polish Baptist churches.”

Baptist World Alliance noted that Ukrainian Baptists have provided accommodation and help stations for over 45,000 people. In addition, Hungarian Baptist Aid is also assisting in the region.

Many of the refugees are unsure of their next step. However, they are certain that their needs are presently being catered for by the Baptists.

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