Fulani Christian Association Condemns Rising Banditry, Killings In Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari

The Fulani Christian Association have expressed displeasure in the rate of incessant killings, insecurity challenges, and the increase in banditry in Nigeria. According to Sahara Reporters, the faith-based organisation noted that kidnapping and banditry can still be defeated in the country.

The association made this statement during it's annual conference in Jos, Plateau State on Sunday. It laid blame on the political class for contributing to the hatred in the country. The event had attendees by Christian Fulanis from across Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon, Niger, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

Furthermore, the Fulanis called for a nation deviod of religious or racial segregation but that which thrives on national unity. They noted that these are the factors that will solve the insecurity issues in Nigeria and other West African nations..

The Chairman of Fulani Christians Association, Rev. Aliyu Buba, also gave reasons for the violent crimes in Nigeria. According to him, discrimination, injustice and nepotism by the political class are to blame for the banditry attacks in the country. He also talked about the need for the people to fear God. Besides, the Bible is a guide to live a righteous life.

Buba said, “This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Fulani Christian Association and since then we have been committed to peace building.

 "Let me explain that historically it's a taboo amongst the Fulanis to either steal or kidnap someone. Sadly, today the Fulani race has been stereotyped, designated as kidnapping race, banditry race, cattle rustling race and other violent criminal gangs.

"I believe the Fulani Christian Association can play a role to ending violent crimes. I'm calling on our Fulani Muslim counterparts to accept us as fellow Fulani so that together we can work to end terrorism in this country and West Africa.” 

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