Christians handle suffering honestly – Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler

 Matt Chandler, senior pastor of Village Church, Texas, has said that Christians handle suffering, trials and pain honestly, and they see it as normal.

The 47-year-old preacher told his congregation, “Christianity doesn’t pretend that suffering is not real. It doesn’t pretend that it is fair. It doesn’t pretend that it’s not really there. It doesn’t do that neither does it pretend that it doesn’t have meaning.”

He added that God empowers in challenging moments of our lives. He continued, “God strengthens, refines and calls us unto Himself, and grants life. He empowers through not the good times, but through the difficult times that exposes our idols, shows us as weak and makes us desperate for His presence.”

Chandler said that humans have passed through trials for ages. Hence, it is not abnormal. However, Jesus is still good in our challenging moments. The pastor cited 1Peter 3:18-22.

“Jesus’ pathway of suffering is the path to glory. It’s not a life of ease and comfort that’s the path to glory. We see in the suffering of Jesus Christ that once and for all He broke the back of sin.

“He hands to you His righteousness so that when God sees you, He sees the righteousness of Christ, which is why He delights, rejoices and celebrates you if you put your faith in His saving work.

“He doesn’t come with new law. He doesn’t come with a new set of rules. Jesus has saved humans from sin and death.

“I don’t know where I would be if He didn’t get me... I know what happens to us if God didn’t intervene.”

 Chandler said he knows that God is good when he thinks about the good relationship he has with his wife, children and members of his congregation.

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