Being a Revivalist Brought Much Hate to Me - Sean Feucht

Sean Feucht

Revivalist and worship artist, Sean Feucht, has said that his decision to be a revivalist and share the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought much hate to him and his family. He added that it has also made him receive death threats.

Feucht founded the movement, "Let Us Worship", which began this year with a tour. The movement was birthed during the height of the COVID-19  lockdowns.

In February, Feucht released a new live record, "Let Us Worship – Miami". The song captures the sound of revival he emitted in the atmosphere to begin the new year. His album entered No. 1 on the iTunes chart under the Christian genre. He admitted that he wants the live record to continue to meet well with listeners.

In an interview with The Christian Post, the father-of-four said, “It is raw. It is not a polished, perfectly produced sound captured in a sterile studio that is normally heard on Christian radio. It’s a sound caught in the middle of revival outdoors in some of America’s hardest cities.

“It feels like you are actually right there in the moment. There is something powerful about that. 

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