U.S Court Reinstates Ban on Eugenics Abortions

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Pro life group, Tenessee Right to Life, has praised the federal appeals court following its decision to reinstate a ban that restrictions abortions regarding a particular prenatal diagnosis. Those who are in support of the law say it's necessary to restrict eugenics.

The law makes it a criminal offense for a doctor to carry out an abortion on a woman if the doctor is aware she is doing so because of the child's race, gender or Down syndrome diagnosis.

Initially, a federal judge had cancelled the ban and the decision of the lower court was upheld by a three-judge appeals court panel. However, the ban was reinstated by the full U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last week with a vote of 11-6.

While reacting to the news, president of Tennessee Right to Life, Stacy Dunn said, “We applaud the Sixth Circuit for, once again, affirming the voice of the people of Tennessee and upholding this ban on abortions of children based on race, gender or genetic abnormality.

 “This provision, in particular, defends the most vulnerable among us and upholds the virtue that all lives matter regardless of condition or color, and it’s time this state and all states take an interest in protecting those lives.”

According to legislative findings, “There is substantial evidence from across the globe and in the United States that the elimination of children with unwanted characteristics is already occurring.

“The abortion rate for children diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero approaches one hundred percent (100 percent) in Iceland, ninety-eight percent (98 percent) in Denmark, ninety percent (90 percent) in the United Kingdom, and seventy-seven percent (77 percent) in France.

“Even in the United States, the abortion rate for children with Down Syndrome is sixty-seven percent (67 percent)."

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