Rep. Mary Miller Advises that Public Schools bring back Godly Teachings

Mary Miller

Republican representative, Mary Miller of Illinois, has said that lack of faith-based teachings in public schools is the cause of the influx of sexual content materials in public schools. She advised that godly teachings should be brought back to public schools.

Miller made this statement in a panel discussion at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Friday called “Town Hall: Pupil Propaganda" which was monitored by The Christian Post. The center of discussion was concerning the education system in America, especially the teaching of LGBT philosophies and sexual contents to children.

According to the congresswoman, such teachings in public schools is a show of hostility to the American values. She said, “I’ve been going at it with the education secretary. He sent out an order to all public schools stating that if a teacher or student says that there are two genders, that they’re guilty of harassment, which is setting up our teachers to be fired and our students to be disciplined.

“I went at it with him and asked, ‘How many genders are there?’ He tried to deflect from my question and I went after him and he finally said to me, ‘I won’t answer your question.’

“The problem is that we kicked God out of our schools. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and it says in Jeremiah that they refused to listen to the Word of God and they ended up having no shame.”

Miller also spoke about the consequences of not teaching children about God in public schools. She continued, “We have told our kids that they come from nowhere and they’re here for no purpose, they’re heading to oblivion. But that is the problem. We need to tell our kids, they were created by God, they have a gift, they have a purpose and bring that back into the public school as a foundation.”

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