President Zelensky Thanks Pope Francis for Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Pope Francis

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has thanked Pope Francis for praying for the peace of the country following attacks from Russia.

The Catholic Telegraph reported that President Zelensky “thanked Pope Francis @Pontifex for praying for peace in Ukraine and a ceasefire. The Ukrainian people feel the spiritual support of His Holiness” on Twitter.

The report added that the pope spoke to Zelensky on the phone on Saturday expressing his “deepest sorrow for the tragic events taking place in our country.”

Russia invaded the Ukrainian border on Thursday. So far, scores have died while several others have been injured. More than 120,000 persons are said to have fled from the country as the tension increases.

Reuters reported that Pontiff was said to have paid an unplanned visit to the Russian embassy to the Vatican to express his worry over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Matteo Bruni, the Vatican spokesman was quoted as saying that Francis spent more than a half-hour at the embassy. Also, the Russian ambassador was quoted as saying that the pope “called for the protection of children, the sick and suffering.”

The recent attacks have made some Christian groups including Samaritan’s Purse to support refugees of the attack with relief materials.

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