I Want to be Remembered for Transforming Lives – Faith Okoh

Faith Okoh

Faith Okoh is a pastor, businesswoman, president of FaithLove Orphanage Movement, and the convener of ‘Put A Praise On It,’ an annual musical concert. She tells Blessing Enenaite about her projects and other issues.

Tell us about your background
I was born in a Christian family and my parents are pastors who taught me the word of God, how to be a better person, and live a righteous life.

What are your roles as the president of FaithLove Orphanage Movement?
My role as the president of the FaithLove orphanage movement include to write projects and proposals, get team members to carry out the activities of the foundation, motivate the team members, coordinate receiving and distribution of clothes and food, sourcing for funds from friends and family members to execute projects.

What inspired you to start the movement and what are your achievements so far?
My inspiration is from the Holy Spirit. Also, I get too emotional when I see someone suffering and I want to help the person out of the challenge. We have been able to reach out to over 30 orphanages – given them food and clothes. We have also supported the education of over 200 less privileged children.        
How do you raise fund for the orphanage?
I raise fund from family and friends by creating and posting fliers for the program and encourage them to support with items or cash.

Do you have a major sponsor for your event?
I do not have any major sponsor for my event.

You are also a business person running some online stores over the years. How would you describe your experience so far?
I am a marketer and a sales representative with Jumia. It has been a wonderful experience so far. It is what I enjoy doing and I am happy doing it. I also have my own online store, Mkcuties online stores.

What lessons has life taught you?
Life has taught me to be silent, keep my plans to myself, pray to God and trust Him totally.

One of the outreach of FaithLove Orphanage Movement

What is your vision for FaithLove Orphanage Movement and Put A Praise On It?
My vision for the Faithlove Orphanage Movement is to reach out to the less privileged and orphans in the world with food, clothes and good education. Meanwhile, my vision for ‘Put a Praise On It’ is to reach out to the Christians in the world and to draw more to Christ through the program.

What are your duties as a pastor?
I pray for church members, coordinate soul winning programs, motivate and lead the evangelism team, care for the struggling families and those in the care group.

What are your challenges so far running FaithLove Orphanage Movement and Put A Praise On It?
My biggest challenge has been motivating people to donate. It is not an easy task.

How do you handle tough times?
In tough times, I just remain calm, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help me out of it and he always gives me a way out.

How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered for transforming lives, changing people, reaching out to struggling families and bringing joy to them.

 How do you like to dress?
 I like to wear polo, jeans and sneakers.

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  1. Great interview Dear Pastor, Keep the good work going and God bless you.


  2. You and your family has been a blessing to me..........hugs and kisses😍


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