Former Atheist, Adrienne Johnson, Reveals How she was Transformed by Jesus


Former atheist, Adrienne Johnson, has recounted how her life was transformed after she met Jesus. She noted that she was struggling, lost, and ‘’suicidally depressed’’ until she found Jesus who turned her life around. She made this statement during an interview with Faithwire.

Johnson, who is the chief-of-staff at PragerU, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservative ideals, said, “I was a lifelong atheist, chain-smoking, tattoo-covered, sexually promiscuous, and suicidally depressed atheist who was transformed by Jesus.

 “All of the values of libertarianism and conservatism, for the most part, really spoke to me. I was very hostile toward it and thought that anybody who had any kind of religion or spirituality at all was just not very bright, not very intelligent. I was all about science and rationality and common sense.”

The mother-of-two noted that she was trying to fill a void in her heart because God was not present in her life.

“I had this hole in my heart that I was trying to fill, because I didn’t have God. But I was trying to fill it with all of these things that didn’t work.” Even when she got married, she felt a void in her and was unhappy. I was unfaithful. I basically completely blew up my life and destroyed my marriage,” she said.

When she got to a level where she felt all hope was lost, she decided to seek new ways she believed could solve her problem. All attempts were futile until she was invited to a play by her friend.

She continued, “When a friend invited me to see a play of ‘The Screwtape Letters’ by C.S. Lewis, it completely blew me away. I was hit so profoundly that I had to at least consider Christianity as an option, which as a former atheist is just the most ridiculous, uncomfortable thing to consider ever. The more I learned about it, it was just the truth resonating within me,” she said.

Johnson now lives with the knowledge of Christ and shares her testimony.

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