Christian Filmmaker, Chris Dowling, Releases Film on Restoration and Healing

                           (Chris Dowling)

Christian filmmaker, Chris Dowling, has said that his latest film, “The Man from Nowhere,” has been impacting on the lives of men through its message of restoration and healing.

The film, which featured Seth Bowling and Nick Searcy, tells the story of a prodigal father who finds out he is losing his life. He desires to get back with his son who is an alcoholic and is trying to comprehend the decisions of his father in the past including his new found faith.

Dowling, who wrote and produced the film, said the quest to produce the film quickly was the idea of Matt Green who co-wrote and directed the film. In an interview with The Christian Post, Dowling said, “I told him that he was insane, but he wouldn't listen. We had to find a very contained story that had really strong characters and dialogue.

“He had this idea for an adult father-son story and I hadn't seen a lot of that type of relationship explored in faith and inspirational films, so I loved writing it with him. We see the man from nowhere as a prodigal father story which we don't see often in films. The story is profound and powerful."

The film, which is presently streaming on Pure Flix, admonishes viewers to think about life and their relationships. Besides, the film explained that it is never too late to settle whatever dispute one may be having with others.

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