Chinese Pastor Sentenced for Preaching the Gospel Speaks

Pastor Hao Zhiwei and her late husband

A Chinese pastor, Hao Zhiwei of Egangqiao Church, who was reportedly arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for preaching the gospel without permission from the government authorities has sent a message to her son.

In the letter published by International Christian Centre, the 50-year-old told her son that God has been faithful to her. She added that she is grateful and believes in God despite her circumstances.

Earlier this month, the preacher was sentenced. Yet, her faith remains strong. An excerpt of Zhiwei’s letter to her 18-year-old son, Paul, read, “God is faithful. The Lord has given me peace despite the ongoing uncertainty.

“Do not worry too much about me. My cellmate received her sentence on the 10th: 12 years. Today is the 18th, and she has not been able to sleep. Once I received my first indictment on the 11th, I only had trouble sleeping the first night. I was praying about it and was able to sleep well since then. God’s peace amazingly descended on me.”

However, the preacher admitted that she is unhappy because she has not seen her children, Paul and Moses, and it is painful not to see them grow.

The letter continued, “I hope that you will persist in diary-writing. Once we reunite, you can share it with me. I especially like to read your stories regarding your growth.”

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