Suicide Bomber Kills 6, Injures 14 Others on Christmas Day in DR Congo

                 (DR Congo flag)

At least six people were killed by a suspected Islamic suicide bomber who has ties with Islamic State in Democratic Republic of Congo. 14 persons were injured after the explosive went up. 

The incident happened in front of a restaurant in Beni in the eastern province of Ituri called “In Box.” An eye witness, Nicolas Ekila who is a local radio presenter told AFP, “I was sitting there. There was a motorbike parked there. Suddenly the motorbike took off, then there was a deafening noise.

While reacting to the incident, Général Ekenge Sylvain who is the spokesman of the regional governor said in a statement, “The suicide bomber, prevented by security guards from entering a crowded bar, activated the bomb at the entrance of the bar.” 

According to the Congolese partner agency of the U.S.-based persecution watchdog, International Christian Concern (ICC), the blast was described as “an action of terror.” Islamist rebel group Allied Democratic Forces was also hinted to be behind the bombing.

The deadly rebel group has been having some battles with the army in Ituri and Nord Kivu provinces and they have equally been attacking Christians for a while. The attempt by the military to stop the terrorist attacks has remained futile.

The Christmas Day attack was described by the Anglican Bishop of Beni Diocese as a “cowardice activity carried out by weak rebels who want to make followers of their faith by force.

“Recently, the attacks have only been in the villages where there is not enough security watch but now it seems like the terrorists are trying to make a statement that they are still present even in cities,” ICC quoted the bishop as saying.

“They targeted the hotel because they knew that many people would gather in the evening to continue celebrating Christmas. Today, churches met as usual to begin the Christmas holiday but now things have taken a new turn. However, we shall not let fear diminish the joy of Christ in this season, and we shall stand in prayer with the families of those killed today,” the bishop added.

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