Folabi Nuel's Latest Release Everything features Geoffrey Golden

Folabi Nuel has released a new song titled Everything featuring Geoffrey Golden. This is the first international collaboration from the minstrel with a voice like liquid honey. Those that know him know that his pursuit of Abba is what he does with his songs.

The song invokes worship and is also a reminder of God’s attributes as saviour, provider and everything in between whether you’re conscious of it at the time you face situations or not. Everything lyrics turn your hearts back to the True North that is for us!


I know you’re working

At times when I don’t feel it you’re working

Even when I don’t believe it you’re working

Working overtime on my matter

You’re my beginning and my end

You’re everything in between

I know you’re working

Even in my darkest hour you’re working

When I’m feeling tired

You’re working overtime on my matter

God of miracles you never change

The God who does impossible things

You’re still the same

On his IG page Folabi encourages everyone to listen, share and share Everything again and again. It’s on all streaming platforms where music is found. ­­­

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