Christmas: Four Points to Note About Today

It's another Christmas day again. Many people have planned for this day. They have booked vacations, planned dresses to wear, prepared lots of food to make the day a pleasant one. However, here are some things to note during this festive period.

Jesus is the reason for the season: This has been said countless times but it seems like it needs to be reiterated to the ears of some people. Although it was not certified that Jesus was born on Christmas day, Christians have set aside this day to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. We pray to the Father through His son, Jesus, who died on the cross to redeem mankind from sin. Hence, it is only noteworthy that Christians choose to honor Him.

It is a period to share and care: There is no particular time for us to care and show love. As Christians, showing love to family members, friends, and our neighbors should be a daily thing. Nevertheless, Christmas brings a special feeling of sharing and caring. Beyond your immediate family, go the extra mile for those who do not have much to celebrate this period. From the orphans to the widows, let them feel loved with what you share with them. There is a blessing attached to cheerful giving.

Reflect God's faithfulness upon your life: This is not a period to start complaining about the issues in your life. It is Christmas and you must think of your blessings for this year rather than nagging about your prayers that you feel God has not answered. The Bible makes us to understand that Godliness with contentment is great gain. Hence, we must thank God for all that we have as we expect more from Him.

Have fun: Christmas is usually a fun period for people. Don't be left out. Enjoy the food, drinks, and the outings that characterize this day. It is not a period to go wild. Rather, do it moderately. Do not use this period to promote mundane things and sin against your creator. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. Hence, as you are having fun, remember to do it the right way.

Christianity Nigeria wishes you all a wonderful Christmas celebration.

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